We presume that all you’re looking for is a way to
expand your reach and grow your customers.

And we took it seriously. Trust us on this, for we are one of You!

  • simple & convenient
    why waste time in mediocre activities like collecting payment and writing bills when your customers can simply scan the Oye tag and pay. simple!

  • secure
    payment lands up directly to your linked bank and transaction details are visible to both the parties. If not for security we would have been in the market way back. It was our priority and so it is!

  • increase sales
    your POS can now range from a website to magazine, brochure to even hoarding boards and your customers can pay instantly round the clock so transactions do not halt even while you rest.

  • enhance experience
    unified payment gateway (single touch pay), payment possible anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyone will enhance user experience. Your offer (simplicity & convenience) is exactly what customers out there are looking for. Be known for your hospitality!

  • flexible
    You say – ‘you don’t have cash, your card or eWallet? relax! payoye our service and enjoy!’ everything is under your control – service, bills, payments, goodwill and connections with any buyer or person a click away.

  • dashboard & reports
    for tracking business, you can view the list of transactions on an online dashboard and CRM .You can also learn about your loyal customers. at any point, you would know what’s going on including the performance of your discount options and other loyalty offerings.

it's all about experiences and relationships!

hear it from our clients.

"aprat from the fantastic user and merchant experince, payoye gives me a real time insight on all my transactions done across 15 stores. It also provides me with an intelligence on each user's buying behaviour and transaction history and enables me to offer specialised discounts to them."
rahul bhardwaj
coo, optique
"We were looking for a scheme to expand our sales but payoye came up with variety of complementary rewards so now we can expand cost-effectively . They surely won’t settle for anything less than a revolution in payment system."
ashutosh negi
operation head, presto