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unified payment platform

Why payment options are only restricted to smartphone & online medium?

Why not smartphone, normal phone, online, offline (in-store or off-store), anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyone? This triggered the ideation and creation of unified payment platform that is agnostic to any medium, mode or method.

*rich - variety of buying options and payment methods both online & offline,

we make it simple, convenient and secure for you to pay through
infinite payment possiblities


Want to do online shopping but not comfortable sharing your card details online? No problem, you don’t need to. Login to ecommerce site, choose the stuff and checkout. Scan the OYETag™ and payment gets done. Not just that, shop across any number of ecommerce sites. No need to pay at every site, just scan the OYETags and pay once. we will notify all your merchants.

offline shopping payment becomes even more simpler with our mPOS solution. You shop, cashier generates OYETag™ on the invoice or screen. You just scan and pay. Its hassle free for both merchants and customers.

Did you ever like something while flipping through a magazine and wanted to buy it? We can make it happen for you. Just scan the OYETag™ there and pay, the merchant will ship the stuff to you.

Bill Pay

Bills pilling up, late fees, yeah it's chaotic. We took the pain to make bill payments easier, scan OYETag™ next time when you see it on any paper bill, pay instantly or save and set a reminder to pay at a later date.

Money Transfer

Had good time with friends and colleagues! Now its time to pay, split the bill and pay instantly to friends.

To request money, generate an OYETag™. Push it to your friends to pay the way they like (social media, email, whatsapp etc).

Peer-to-Peer payment now becomes a child’s play whether the person is sitting next to you or at a remote location. Just generate OYETag™, send, receiver consumes it and the payment is done.

Credit Card on Delivery


Enjoy your valuable time with family and friends, let shortage of cash not spoil your party. Next time when you order home delivery – no need to run to the nearest ATM or check your house for cash. Scan OYETag™ in delivery person's payoye™ app, pay and see the confirmation receipt instantly.


Now no more swipes, no more scary card terminals and no more giving card to restaurant staff. Scan OYETag™ in merchant's payoye™ app, verify the amount you need to pay, pay using any of your saved card and see the confirmation receipt instantly.

Petrol Pump

Long queues, hassled attendants, faulty card machines etc, is a usual scenario at the petrol pumps today. Don’t get bogged down! Next time you visit an payoye™ registered petrol pump, you will have a different experience. Once filled attendant generates OYETag™. You scan and pay.

It is as simple as taking a pic. Do leave your wallet at home…. and try this out.


Small celebrations and good time is everyone’s need. You too want to party, watch a movie, cricket match or a live show. We cover it all and make your entry simple and easy for these.

Scan the OYETag™ at the cash counter, sticker, pamphlet, online booking aggregator and payment is done. Its that simple. Cool, isn't it!

All tickets get stored in your oye app, with auto reminders. Want to gift the tickets? Just push it to anyone instantly through social media (facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc), email or print media.


Too many coupons! different expiry dates! different discounts! different vendors! online! offline! emails! etc etc…. a complete mess and ultimately nothing gets used…. that's the typical current scenario.

With OYETag™ coupons (be it from any brand, vendor, online, offline or on printed media having different discount percentages and expiry dates), you just need to scan the coupon and it gets filed in your coupon vault. No need to worry about losing any coupons !

A coupon discount automatically gets applied while the purchase is being done at the relevant merchant. No need to keep track of coupon details! Gift your discount coupons to anyone you want by pushing it through any medium.


Have a hotel booking? land up at the reception. Just scan an OYETag™ and you are checked in. Its so simple. No need to fill in a form.

When you are done with your stay, just scan the electronic OYETag™ or the printed one on your invoice and payment is done. That's it. Making your travel experience more simple and convenient.


Busy life, hard-pressed for time! juggling too many things! but still want to do your bit for a cause that you believe in. The easiest way is to donate some bit of your hardearned.

It is very simple now, just scan the OYETag™ either from the website of the relevant agency or any printed material and the payment gets done. Straight and simple, no complications of whom to pay, where and how.

Toll and Parking

No need to wait at the toll gate for paying your toll taxes. OYETag™ your vehicle and you are done. You can buy the toll tickets from your mobile app even before reaching the toll gate and just pass through.

The moment you pass through the tollgate, Your OYETag™ pass will get consumed.

No more queues and hassle of toping up the pre-paid toll cards, just drive through. You can even give the toll passes by pushing it to anyone the toll passes to anyone you want. Cool stuff, isn’t it.

Cardless ATM

Need to withdraw cash from ATM and have forgotten your card at home, no worries! Just take out your mobile and scan the OYETag™ at the ATM machine, enter the amount and a unique numeric code is generated.

Enter this unique code and collect your cash.

Want to send cash to someone remotely? ask him to scan the OYETag™ at the closest ATM and send, You generate the unique numeric code and he can enter this code at the ATM and collect cash. As simple as that!

we assume that you like to make things easy and convenient for yourself!

believe us, we played safe!

1. download your free app

It will only take few minutes to download and register, you are important to us and we do not share your details with anyone.

2. save your cards

Save your cards: be it credit, debit, cash card or Internet banking details. Security is our utmost priority, your card/bank details are safe and secure, we guarantee only you can touch your card details.

3. scan OYETag™ and pay

Have you done things intentionally? If not next time you visit a payoye™ merchant leave your wallet at home. Making payment is as simple as taking a selfie, scan OYETag™, select a card and pay instantly.

4. confirmation

Have you even played a role in saving our beautiful world? Be an environmentalist and save trees, why need a paper based receipt when you get one on your phone, after payment see transaction receipt instantly on your phone.

Security is our highest priority and we ensure that your details are secure and protected.

Payoye™ has 6 layers of security to keep your details safe and secure, we use military standard encryption to safeguard it.

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hear it from our clients.

"The application is user-friendly and it is evident that they have travelled the hard road for us to set impeccable security maintaining standards. They are a talented and creative team capable of working magic."
alok binani
managing director, himalaya opticals
"Accepting high value payment for delivery of food to events like birthday parties has become easy for my delivery guys. They no more need to carry credit card machines for accepting payments, they just use their merchant payoye™ app. No more carrying cash 'just pay oye'."
jaydev singh
partner, chawlas2